Adventurous Holiday in Sri Lanka

Adventurous Holiday in Sri Lanka

Mountain Climbing

Adam’s Peak, over 2200 meters in height, is a popular location for a super adventurous mountain climbing experience. December to May is the ideal season for this eight-hour-long activity. Most moderately fit people can successfully reach the summit of this mountain although it takes a lot of encouragement and motivation to make it to the top. Climbers usually begin their tour at around 1.00 a.m. so that they reach the top in time to see the sunrise. If your level of fitness is lower, it is advisable to start your climb earlier on in the night. It gets chilly as you climb higher, hence carrying warm clothing and your bottle of water is advisable.

A ‘sacred footprint’ is found near the summit which Buddhists believe is the footprint of Lord Buddha, Hindus believe that of Lord Shiva, and Muslims and Christians believe that it is the footprint of Adam. At the crack of dawn, indulge in the breathtaking scenery around the mountain and capture memories with your camera. Once you have spent enough time at the summit, head back down and give your body a good rest.


Enveloped by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lankan waters offer splendid opportunities for exploring marine life. You may choose to dive deep into the ocean to greet schools of tropical fish or you may want to simply observe from the surface with a snorkelling mask. Whatever your choice may be, the waters of the southwestern coast will not disappoint you. You will see a range of exotic fish, beautiful coral reefs, magical underwater sceneries, and maybe even historic shipwrecks if you are lucky! And what’s more; if you move up to the Eastern coasts of the island, there are chances you may be diving amidst the dolphins!


As one of the emerging sports in Sri Lanka, rafting gives you a thrilling and holistic experience to test your leadership and strategic thinking skills. The white waters of the Kelani River are the most ideal location for a shivering rafting experience. The waters are suited for amateurs and professionals alike. Before you head down to the boat, a guide will explain briefly what kind of major and minor rapid thrills you will be going through and how you should deal with every situation. Every rafter is provided with quality life jackets, helmets, and, other required equipment. Once you are done with the 5km rafting experience which takes about 1-2 hours, you will be treated to an authentic Sri Lankan lunch included in most rafting packages. enjoy your Adventurous Holiday in Sri Lanka

Hot Air Ballooning

If you have planned a holiday in Sri Lanka this year, don’t forget to try the hot air ballooning experience for a wondrous bird’s eye view of the beautiful island. November to April are usually the best months for this experience where you will fly over the countryside, gaze down on villages, wildlife, lakes, rivers, and cultural sites, and observe how artistically the rising sun brings to life Mother Nature. The flights usually begin at the crack of dawn, flying an average of 500-2000 feet for approximately one hour. Set aside about four hours for the whole experience; from the time you leave your hotel till you reach the take-off point, your flight lands back, you take loads of photographs, and then you have entertained with a question-answer session from the pilot.

Dolphin/Whale Watching

Mirissa is one of the best places for whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. Located along the southern coastline, head out on a boat to the deep sea and greet the mischievous dolphins and observe the giant blue whales glide past you. In Mirissa, several cruise packages are available for guests to set out on their adventure in style. These are luxury boats owned by the Sri Lankan Navy, and given out for leisure and entertainment activities. On board, additional facilities such as audio, video, medical assistance, beverages, and snacks are also available. If you are a large group, the cruise experience could be a lot of fun.


on the east coast of the island, is also another famous dolphin-watching location. Here, small boats that can accommodate 6-8 people set out into the deep sea where you will be sure to spot a whole school of dolphins carrying out their routine stunts.

Plan an exciting adventure holiday with Ceylon Classic Tours this year and you will be pointed. We will write up an itinerary for you that is aligned with adventure at its best. In addition to the above few, there are many more activities in Sri Lanka for those who love adventure. So this year, mark it in your books to make Sri Lanka your next Adventurous Holiday in Sri Lanka!

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