Accommodations in Sri Lanka

Where you will stay in Sri Lanka?

Ceylon Classic Tours is well-connected to all accommodations in Sri Lanka. We will offer villas, boutique properties, luxury hotels, homestays, and wildlife eco-hotels. In the north & east emerging destinations. It is becoming more & more popular to travel to Sri Lanka. And we were ensuring that they maintained the excellent standards that you deserve. We offer the most luxurious properties available. Apart from our fantastic range of star-class hotels, villas, and boutique hotels, our budget hotels provide the most attractive properties for those with a smaller budget. Ceylon Classic Tours can help you stay comfortable during your tour. Plan Your tour with Ceylon Classic Tours!!!  

accommodation in sri lanka


The Sri Lankan accommodation market. The villa is similar to the house in that it can closely resemble a standard, single-family home, villas, boast gardens, vineyards, courtyards, hotel-like services, water fixtures in the form of pools fountains.
accommodation in sri lanka

Boutique Hotels

Accommodation in Sri Lanka. A boutique hotel is a small hotel that typically has between 10 to 100 rooms in boutique settings with upscale accommodations individualized unique selling points.
accommodation in sri lanka

Star Class Hotels

All-Star Class hotels provide luxury service. Star Hotel is geared towards catering to guests at the highest level. Everything from the exterior of the hotel down to the tableware should display excellent quality & high attention to detail. It is important that the service staff is highly trained that the attention is focused on giving guests the most positive possible experience.
accommodation in sri lanka

Home stays

Homestays provide guests with the opportunity to stay with a local family for a fee. Whether you are a leisure traveler, an intern, a gap year student, a student living abroad. For anyone seeking a genuine travel experience, Easy House is a highly affordable accommodation option. By doing this, they get to see the local community get to know the culture of the place they are visiting.